About Cigarfan

My name is Tom, a cigar fan from Las Vegas, NV. My first cigar was a Cuba Aliados in 1995, purchased at a local shop in Tucson while I was a student at the University of Arizona. I began a cigar journal in 1998, and I enjoy a wide variety of cigars. I am partial to medium bodied smokes, but my tastes run the gamut depending on mood. My opinion is that a delicate light-bodied cigar on a sunny afternoon can be as satisfying as a full-bodied and complex cigar after dinner, so there’s a little of both and something for everyone here.

When I’m not testing the limits of my palate’s endurance I enjoy good books, international and independent films, jazz, and the company of my dogs. I am also quite fond of Guinness and Cooper’s Best Extra Stout.

How We Rate Cigars

Our scoring system is based on construction and taste in equal measure. We try to smoke at least two cigars completely before reviewing a blend, and when we don’t (in the cases of rare or very expensive cigars) we’ll let you know up front. In most cases we will not subject ourselves to the punishment of reviewing cigars we don’t like — if I smoke a cigar and can find no redeeming qualities in it I’ll take my mother’s advice and say nothing at all. This is why you will rarely see a rating below 80 on Keepers of the Flame.

A more detailed description of my rating method can be found on this page.

If you would like to see Keepers of the Flame review a particular cigar, or if you have any other questions or comments about the site, feel free to send us a note in the form below.