Camacho v. Camacho


Camacho SLR Maduro, Plaintiff

Camacho Coyolar Puro, Defendant

The parties in this case, after a failed arbitration process, have filed briefs, short fat leafy briefs, seeking final judgment in the court of Cigarfan. The disputed point is one of taste, and applying the law thereof is the task at hand. The applicable statute is embodied in the terse legal maxim “De gustibus non disputandum est.” The parties will now accompany the judge for an evening in chambers with a bottle of Chateau Thames Embankment, after which judgment will be rendered.

Now then… I found a pack of Camachos at my local tribal smoke shop that included four robustos from their several lines: SLR Maduro, Coyolar, Corojo, and a Diploma. (For 13 USD I couldn’t resist.) I’m familiar with the Corojo and Diploma (which in fact is a Corojo) so I thought I’d pit the other two against each other in the court of my opinion.

The SLR maduro is Honduran with a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. I wasn’t too impressed with the flavor of this stick, but I wasn’t really expecting to be since I don’t care much for the natural version of the SLR either. (Yes, the judge may enjoy a prejudiced disposition. Tough oats.) The dominant flavor seemed to be graphite, a lot of char and just a touch of maduro sweetness. Full flavored, but I just didn’t care for the flavor. On the positive side, it burned perfectly straight with an effortless draw. Fine construction.

The Coyolar is a Honduran puro, named for the farm on which the tobacco is raised. The wrapper is an attractive colorado maduro that is just about the same shade as the maduro SLR. The flavor profile is close to the Camacho Corojo line, but not as well rounded. It tasted to me like a combination of the Corojo monarca and the SLR… Unfortunately, to me this comes across as an adulteration of the Corojo blend. There’s a sharp element to the Coyolar that the Corojo doesn’t have, perhaps comparable to the difference between cloves and cinnamon. Comparing it to the SLR is a little more difficult, but I have to say that the flavor profile of the Coyolar with its spice and leather gets my vote over the SLR. Both had great construction, so no complaint there.

So it comes down to a matter of conflicting flavors, over which this renegade activist judge must preside. Facts are considered, opinions are weighed, evidence submitted. After several moments of smoky reflection, Judge Cigarfan rules in favor of the Coyolar.

Case dismissed pending appeal.

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