Carlos Toraño Virtuoso Crescendo


6 1/2 x 54

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama

If cigar magazines are to be believed, there is a widespread consumer demand for heavier bodied cigars. Meanwhile, the best selling cigars are still relatively mild, or at most medium bodied. My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that a well balanced and nuanced mild cigar is every bit as worthy as a full bodied one. Sometimes you want a cigar like a Chopin nocturne; sometimes you feel like channeling Jimi Hendrix through a funnel of tobacco. Either experience has its place, its season, its mood.

The Virtuoso line is touted as a full bodied, bulldozer of a cigar. But it really isn’t. It’s a well balanced cigar that starts out medium bodied and does gradually build up to a full bodied smoke. It’s a gorgeous stick with good construction. Sungrown on Toraño’s Pueblo Nuevo farm in Condega, Nicaragua, the colorado maduro wrapper is smooth, slightly oily and very attractive. It burns unevenly at times, needing one correction in its journey to the nub.

The predominating flavor is earth and at times is quite pungent. A nice solid white ash forms and holds with determination. Midway the strength begins to kick in — somewhat unexpectedly because the smoke remains consistent, while the nicotine quietly sneaks up and pins a “Kick Me” sign on my back. And it did, or someone did… I had to put it down for a while and find a Cooper’s Stout to steady my stomach for the rest of the cigar.

All told, this is a very well balanced medium to full bodied cigar. It’s nice looking, well constructed, and blended for a smooth ride to the finish. For me it’s a little too earthy, if that’s the word — this cigar has a composty kind of aroma that just isn’t to my liking. But still it’s a high quality smoke that I will recommend to those who like… that sort of thing.

4 thoughts on “Carlos Toraño Virtuoso Crescendo

  1. I recently found your site as a link from The Stogie Review. I really like your website and am really looking forward to reading it all. My favorite quote from you so far is, “Sometimes you want a cigar like a Chopin nocturne; sometimes you feel like channeling Jimi Hendrix through a funnel of tobacco.”

    I had tears in my eyes from laughing when I first read this. I hope you don’t mind me crediting you with it, but it’s just such a perfect quote and witty as well.

    Keep up the good work and I love your prose. It makes for a wonderful read and lots of valuable information for a recent cigar convert such as myself.


  2. Thanks, Dave. Sometimes I worry that I’m putting people to sleep with my yammering, so it’s good to know you enjoy the reviews. I enjoy writing them and try not to get too carried away, but as you see, sometimes I can’t help myself. Good cigars will do that to a guy.

    Cheers, bud!


  3. Tom we need to put a camera in front of you. I never know when to shut up and just keep on yammering.

    I second what Dave said! Love your reviews since you review a lot of stuff we don’t.

  4. Thanks Jerry. I was just thinking about making a silent video…in a room with no lights… just a glowing ember that rises and brightens, then lowers and fades, over and over again for about thirty minutes or so.

    Then again, I think I’ll leave the videos to you and Walt. You guys have my vote the Oscar. Don’t forget to thank the Academy!

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