“Little Cigars” are Cigarettes, Attorneys General Say

I don’t normally post cigar news, or anti-cigar news as it usually turns out to be, but this one caught my eye. The attorneys general of 39 states and Guam have decided that “little cigars” are actually cigarettes, and should be controlled and taxed accordingly.

From the AP wire:

By NANCY ZUCKERBROD, Associated Press Writer Thu May 18, 6:30 PM ET

WASHINGTON – If it looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette and smokes like a cigarette — it must be a cigarette. At least that’s what 39 states and Guam are saying about “little cigars.”

Many little cigars should be reclassified as cigarettes, the officials said Thursday, meaning they would have to carry health-warning labels and be subject to higher taxes and marketing restrictions that are imposed on cigarettes, but not on cigars.

“Call a cigarette a cigarette. I’ve got them in front of me. There isn’t any question these are cigarettes,” Montana Attorney General Mike Mcgrath said Thursday in a telephone interview. “It’s peach flavored. Now who would want a peach flavored cigar? Maybe a high school girl.”

High school girls, eh? Tell that to this guy, Mr Attorney Man:


Go ahead. Make his day.

And when he’s done with you, there’s some ladies in the hall that would like a word. They call themselves the “Flavourettes,” and they look a little…desperate.

5 thoughts on ““Little Cigars” are Cigarettes, Attorneys General Say

  1. littel cigar its not a cigarett
    what a bout the phily blunt or game cigar
    evrey body knows this cigar only use for drugs
    way no body talk a boute this product
    i tell you way
    becouse this cigaer dont afacute the boig cigarett companyes market
    every body talking a bout the kids whats about the store owner who sell to miner
    i live in phila in pa and i work in littel cigar business go to high school and aske all the kids what they smoke im sure over 70% they smoke phily blunt -game – whiteowel-or dutchmaster whay??
    becouse the use it for weide illegal drugs??
    but littel cigar coustmer old peopel and poor people in poor neiberhood
    you never find a littel ciar in rich area
    please dont use the kids as excuse ?
    thank you

  2. That’s hilarious. I am glad somebody is picking up on the lies. I thought the nation was asleep.

    We sell Little Cigars (in the peach flavor too) and they are definitely not for little high school girls. There isn’t a high school girl anywhere that is going to smoke a Little Cigar and like it. These are adult products for mature people. Obviously Mr. McGrath is confused. He’s already so concerned with planning how he is going to spend all that illegally acquired tax money, he’s blurting out anything that comes to mind.

    Now if he wants to look at companies targeting children, Mr. McGrath should investigate that sugar coated crap being sold as breakfast cereals. If you are wondering why A.D.D. is such a problem, it is because all the kids are too drugged out on sugar to concentrate. You can’t tax sugar poppies, so who cares, right?

    No. Peach Little Cigars are not hurting kids. They might hurt adults, but adults are old enough to decide for themselves. We don’t need the government to tell us what is right or wrong. Morality is a personal decision.

    The truth is, tobacco can be taxed and rice crappies can’t (it is supposed to be food, right). So, the real issue isn’t whether to improve the health of our minors, it is whether the state is going to get their cut first or not.

    Thanks for your time.

  3. The truth is, little cigar is another form of the word cigarette. Just take ette, the French suffix for little and add it to the word cigar. It is also true that teens are generally not into brands of “little cigars.” If they are into smoking they tend to favor the popular brands such as Kool, Marlboro, Camel, Black & Mild, and Newport. I highly doubt very many teens would be into brands such as Swisher Sweet, Dutch Master, etc.

    • And yet there is a huge difference between a cigar, regardless of its size, and a cigarette. The only thing they have in common is tobacco. It’s like comparing a fine microbrew to malt liquor. The AGs in this old news article are complaining that cigarettes are being classified as small cigars, but their solution is to turn the tables and classify small cigars as cigarettes. Both sides are in my opinion equally unsupportable because cigars and cigarettes are simply not the same thing, period.

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