H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Belicoso


Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Peru

Dimensions: 6 1/8 x 52

Like almost all of the Upmanns I've had, this cigar had really good construction. It burned evenly from the first touch of the match to the end, and the draw was just right. Not too loose, not too tight, like Goldilocks' third bed. (Maybe that's the Cuban version of the story.)

The Vintage Cameroon Beli starts up a bit sharp. The spice hit me in the back of the throat and stung my nostrils just a little, but after an inch or so it started to mellow out and I was able to enjoy that classic cameroon aroma.

The wrapper on this smoke is fairly toothy, not as much as a Fuente Hemingway, but it's still a very attractive cigar. There are a few prominent veins that do not obstruct the burn in any way. It arrives encased in a cedar sheath which is handy as a spill to light the cigar.

The predominate flavor, aside from the aroma, is earth. Similar to the Toraño 1916 cameroons, but a little heavier, a little darker. Not as sweet, I'd say, and much saltier. You'll definitely want a cool drink on hand.

The ash on this puppy is solid; no surprise considering the excellent construction. The aftertaste is tannic.

All told, this is clearly an above average cigar. Maybe not the absolute best cameroon out there, but for a medium bodied cigar with faultless construction it's certainly worth a test drive.


8 thoughts on “H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Belicoso

  1. Great review! I have a dozen of these guys that were gifted to me and have been chill’n in my humidor that I will make it a point to smoke now. What better compliment can you give a cigar than saying its like a Torano?

  2. Toraño’s cameroon is one of my favorites, so it is a compliment indeed. The Upmann is similar, but not as smooth. With time the Upmann may improve, but when a cigar calls itself “Vintage” it should be time enough, IMO. Even so I wouldn’t balk at a gift of 12! Happy smokin!

  3. I smoked a pair of these the past two nights and am working on a review of it myself. I like to give my readers access to other reviews so I hope it is okay with you that I link to your review.

    Almost every stick Torano produces I enjoy. The jury is still out on the Casa Torano (I know, its one of the more popular sticks).

  4. Link away! I’m looking forward to your review. I always find something in other reviews that I miss in my own and it enriches the whole experience. That’s why I write this stuff in the first place.

    As for the Casa Torano– I’m with you. I had one the other night and I thought it was good, but missing something. I’ll need to sample a couple more before I make up my mind.

  5. I will not even start to embarrass my self with descriptive comments like you experts can. I’m still a very jouiner novice. Still in the “I know what I like but don’t know why stage”.

    I smoke 3 cigars on a regular basis, the Torano – which I find leaves a heavier after taste in my mouth, the Vintage Cameroon in either the Churchill/Robusto styles, and finally the Punch Royal Coronations. All 3 are good smokes to me with the Vintage Cameroon and the Punch’s finishing a little “cleaner” to me.

  6. Michael — it takes a while to develop a palate for smoke. There are a lot of subtleties with cigar tobacco and defining one’s taste is highly subjective, so much so that the same cigar can taste different from day to day depending on what you ate, what you’re drinking, or even what kind of day you had.

    For example, I am not usually a heavy-bodied cigar smoker. But after a bad day, there’s nothing like a Rico Habano or a Joya de Nicaragua Antano to calm me down. What tastes to me like tarpaper and ashes on a calm day suddenly takes on a whole new dimension of rich dark flavors after fighting the world at work all day.

    But you know what you like. That’s a great start! Learning and observing and concentrating on the sensation is all part of the journey. Enjoy it brother!

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