CAO Brazilia Gol!


With the World Cup underway and Brazil in the spotlight as usual, I thought this would be an opportune time to break out a CAO Brazilia Gol! As if I needed an excuse…

CAO makes many quality cigars, but the Brazilia line is probably my favorite. A dark Brazilian arapiraca wrapper provides a very distinctive aroma that nicely complements the Nicaraguan binder and filler. The Brazilias are made in the Toraño factory in Danli, Honduras. (I can’t seem to escape Toraño these days.)

The Gol! is a fat robusto at 5 x 56. The prelight smell is rich and somewhat leathery, and the roll is solid. The oily sun-grown wrapper is worth taking a moment to admire. After a quick cut of the cap I take a draw and I’m surprised at how easy it is because this cigar is packed like a rock. That’s quality craftsmanship.

It lights up with no fuss and starts an even burn. The initial flavor is heavy on the pepper, but this soon gives way to a woody flavor I have come to associate with good Nicaraguan cigars. What really makes this cigar special is the aroma– it’s a complex blend of wood, earth, a little sweetness, and sulfur. Sulfur might not be what one looks for first in a cigar, but it really works here for some reason. It’s all in the blend, I guess.

Toward the band it starts to burn a little hot, but the flavor doesn’t suffer for it. It gathers more strength at this point, but never becomes harsh or bitter.

The Brazilia Gol! is a medium to heavy bodied cigar with mountains of flavor and very good construction. It’s priced in the 5 USD range, and it’s worth it. If you like the Nicaraguan flavor profile and a heavier bodied smoke you should most definitely give this one a shot. It certainly has earned a place in my rotation.

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