Rocky Patel “The Edge” Maduro Toro


The Edge cigars were introduced by Rocky Patel in 2004, soon after which their popularity took off like a rocket. Interestingly, there was no marketing campaign to announce Patel’s new brand, no advertising, not even a band on the cigar! By word of mouth alone this cigar quickly gained a solid reputation as a kickass smoke.

When I first saw these cigars in my local smoke shop they were on a lower shelf in a wooden bin. Because I couldn’t see the lid on the bin and they didn’t have bands, I had to ask what they were. “Rocky Patel,” said the manager, as if that were all the information necessary. Later I learned that they were Edges, distinguished by their lack of bands and presentation in rough crates of 100 sticks.

The Edge is made in Danli, Honduras, with the assistance of the Plasencia family. Patel has been coy about the makeup of the cigar, saying that he will not reveal the “secret leaf” he uses in the filler because it comes from an area rarely used for tobacco cultivation. What we do know is that the Edge maduro comes wrapped in a Nicaraguan maduro, a binder from Mexico, and filler from Nicaragua and Panama (as well as the other classified location.) The wrapper shines with oil.

I found this toro to be an extremely well constructed cigar, somewhat better than the RP Vintage lines. It burns evenly, draws perfectly, and earns an A in deportment. The ash is a mottled light gray and is fairly solid.

The Edge starts up with a rich burst of classic maduro flavors– a little sweetness, a little char– and quickly transitions to a smooth but full flavored smoke. I’ve found all the Edges I’ve smoked to be a little tannic. Even though this cigar is aged well enough to smoke now, the tannin indicates that these could benefit from some time in the box. In a year or two these could be even better than they are now. (Or it could be the Mexican binder. Mexican leaf always gives me bitter beer face.)

It gathers a little more strength as it burns to the end, but maintains the same character– smooth and rich with a charred wood foundation. At some point a slogan was attached to the Edge: “For professional smokers only.” I don’t think that job description can be found in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, but if it ever surfaces my resume is ready. In any case, the power of this cigar is in my opinion a little overstated. It’s a medium to heavy bodied cigar, but it’s not a brontosaurus. On the other hand, it’s not a stick to be fired up on an empty stomach either.

The Edge is a fine cigar, and the maduro in particular is a tasty and attractive after dinner selection. Try one with with a stout or espresso.

14 thoughts on “Rocky Patel “The Edge” Maduro Toro

  1. I have smoked a few of the RP brand and have been pleased by them all. I look forward to putting this on my list of Cigarfan Recommendations. You have been right on in the past and when pick up a couple to try out.


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  3. Cigar Envy was one of the first cigar blogs I found, sometime last year. I was afraid it had gone into sleep mode, so I’m glad to see you’re back now!

    And I still have a couple sticks put aside for your recovery, Richard. Let me know when you’re ready for them.


  4. Tom,

    Glad to see an addition to the (too) small circle of cigar blogs. I’m working my way through your reviews as I have free time. I’m enjoying them. You’ve got a good site.

    I added you into the “Cigar Blogs” links on my site.

  5. Glad to see you found this place Jeff. Everyone should sign up for the Cigar Envy Yahoo group. Great stuff comes from it. I need to participate more. I’ve found this place just as invaluable to the cigar community.

  6. I’ve tried quite a few of the toro, torpedo, and missle Edge cigars. I prefer the missle since it seems to be a bit spicier, but its hard to go wrong with any of them.

    Gotta agree with everyone else, this is a great site!

  7. “In any case, the power of this cigar is in my opinion a little overstated.”

    Smoking it right now.

    Totally agree. A wonderful, long, even smoke, but actually just left of center in the strength department. Right of center, but not “brontosaurus”,for reference, I find the absolutely beautiful Camacho Triple Maduro. The increased strength brings a little more flavor that I pull for but don’t find in the RP. Not knocking the RP as this is my first one and I’ll most def keep it around.

    I prefer these kinds of smokes. However, if you can recommend a “brontosaurus” that has consistency and isn’t just brutal for brutality’s sake, please do. I take those once in a while, too.

    Much peace.


  8. h&f — Thanks for the comment bro. You might want to give Coronado by La Flor a shot. I’m not sure I’d call it a brontosaurus — maybe more of a diplodocus — but man does it taste good. Make sure to eat first and enjoy. The double corona makes me feel like Fred Flintstone when the ribs arrive.

  9. Really nice review on the Edge Maduro Toro. I bought a couple of these back in November. I lit one up about a month after purchasing it and was not impressed. I waited another 3 months and lit the other one up and it was much, much better. The tannins are all gone now and it has become a very smooth smoke. Very nice.

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  11. Man I cant say anything bad about Rocky. Hes created a solid line of smokes at reasonable prices. I indulge on the Vintage line from time to time, however I recently discovered the 2nds line and now smoke those on a daily basis. Rockys extremely high standards means even his 2nds or “Factory Selects” may be the exact flawless smoke with the wrapper a shade lighter in color. Anyway thanks RP.

  12. I am always a fan of a fine blended maduro and Rocky Patel has always impressed. However, I must’ve gotten a fluke in this cigar. While the flavors were spot on, the draw was way to tight. It had a nice even burn for the first inch and after that, needed corrections throughout the smoke. Also, to keep it lit required a puff every 30 seconds or so. Otherwise it would start to run again. While the flavor was all there, because of the issues I mentioned, I would recommend my all time favorite, the Vintage (is he Maduro the 90 or 92?) any day of the week! I’ve had 10 out of 10 of those that were a perfect smoke!

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