Lovo Robusto Maduro


I was in my favorite reservation smoke shop a couple weeks ago and came across a couple crates of unbanded cigars that looked pretty good. I thought they might be Rocky Patel Edges. I asked what brand they were and the lady behind the desk said “Lobos”.

That Chuck Norris cigar?

No. What she meant was “Lovo.” Inquiring further, I asked her where they came from. “California,” she replied. Hmmm… that rare and exquisite California maduro. I had to carefully lift the crate and peer underneath to see the Nicaragua stamp. There were two crates of Lovos: square pressed maduro robustos, and some fat torpedos with a delicate rosado wrapper. I thought I’d give the robustos a shot first and picked up three at around 2 bucks each.

I can give you almost no background on this stick, except that it’s made in Esteli. The Lovo Cigars website is enigmatic at best, but it appears that the company is named after Egda Lovo Ramaz, an esteemed Nicaraguan cigar roller. After a little more research, I discovered that Ms. Ramaz is a featured cigar roller at the Las Vegas Cigar Lounge… The Cigar Lounge website says she started rolling cigars as a young girl and as a teenager rolled cigars in the Esteli Plasencia factory. I don’t know if these robustos were actually rolled by her, but there’s a connection there, somewhere. The Lovo is indeed a well rolled cigar.

These smokes are sharply square pressed and wrapped in an oily maduro. Prelight they smell a bit wild, like they probably would benefit from some aging. They are solidly rolled and every one had a slow even burn.

They start out a little rough but quickly come around to a smooth rich taste that reminds me of the standard Padron line. They start out with a peppery flavor that soon becomes decisively woody, while the sweet maduro aroma floats overhead.

This is a heavy bodied, after-dinner cigar. I had one out on the patio this evening and listened to my neighbor’s country-western radio station while he was tending to the horses. I had to put down the cigar for a few minutes to help my wife with something and when I returned it was still smoldering, holding a solid white ash.

It’s got a little bite to it, and a pretty good nicotine kick. I think these sticks probably would get better with time, but they’re smoking good now. With a few months in the humidor I bet I would have a hard time telling the difference between the Lovo and several premium brand name Nicaraguans.

I smoked a Padron 6000 the other night just to compare, and while this Lovo maduro is a little rougher than the Padron maduro, it’s really damn close. A very pleasant surprise from a no-band no-name cigar from “California.”


13 thoughts on “Lovo Robusto Maduro

  1. After doing some research I found out that Ms. Lovo sells the image that she is a master roller, the reality is that she buys from a factory Nicasa , based in Esteli, Nicaragua. The rep. in USA of Nicasa is Miura Cigars ,based in Florida, and trust me you have to try those Miura, the blend and the quality its totally superior and for much more less than the Lovos. You can get them at some Chicago store and in the NY area. In CA you can get them at Fair Oaks Cigars. I started to do my research after I saw these amazing cigars at this store and compare some silmilarities of the Lovo line.

  2. No, I am a flight attendant for U.A. and everywhere I go I spend my time on cigar lounges or stores to kill the hours and I was amazed of the quality of these cigars and the great value. In my home town tobacco shop they don’t carry Miuras. That’s why I did my research with the mgrs. at the stores I visited,to give Andy(the owner of the tobacco shop in my town) the info so he can carry them.

  3. I’ve been looking around for these with no success. I have found them online, but only a very few outlets carry them, and at a price that is quite a bit higher than the Lovos at my B&M.

    I’ve smoked a few more Lovos since I wrote this review and have found them to be inconsistent — some are much harsher than others and wouldn’t qualify for the moderate praise I’ve given them here.

    Thanks again for your comments Enrique. If I see any Murias I’ll definitely pick up a few on your recommendation.

  4. My newly opned store is in northern Mi.
    A friend gave me a Lovo torpedo he had picked up in Vegas. It compared to Rocky Patel Edge.
    I’ve contacted Marlo Ramaz and am wating for samples.
    I intend to carry this line.

    • marlo is a good friend and has been suppling or shop for some time. we have developed a blend all our own using marlos’ company. these are availible as well. regards kim

  5. I bought 5 Lovos at her store on Fremont Street in Las Vegas in February. She stocks Nicaraguans on one side of her humidor and Hondurans on the other. I especailly enjoyed the black-as-night figurado and pyramide. Great burn and flavor. I am about to order more via telephone from the price sheet I got there unless I can find a dealer online.

  6. Lovo’s just opened a store in the Phoenix (Surprise) area and Ms Ramaz rolled me a cigar that was what I can only say was “heavenly”. I went through the humidor and slected several cigars to try, also tried the store on Fremont Street in Vegas the following week, I liked the selection in the new store in Phoenix better.

  7. Not Surprise, it’s Youngtown, AZ. Nearer to El Mirage. It sits off of Grand Avenue just North of 111th Avenue

    The number is 623.977.1619 on their business card.

    I have visited several times and everything I’ve tried has been outstanding. The quality and craftsmanship are outstanding. Pride may not be the best word to describe it but they clearly take satisfaction in their work.

  8. I am excited to be invited to an upcomming event where the reps for Lovo will be on hand holding a workshop on how to roll cigars and I will also be able to partake in the process of rolling my own cigar. Sounds fun… Will post later my review for this cigar brand..

  9. i recently was invovoled at a charity event at bufflo bills in primm nv. the event was for a childrens charity, the event is called desert thunder, its soonsered by the san bernardino county sheriffs dept and vegas metro. i contacted marlo just days orior to the event to see if he could attend. without hesitation he and his staff were there. what a success, the cigars were a hit, we will have them there year after year to come. thanks marlo for all you did. joe

  10. I too discovered their cigars being hand rolled at a charity golf tourney. I bought 3 from them to give to friends on the golf course. by the time i got to the middle, the cigars were so good i drove back 3 holes to buy about 15 of them. They have a twin wrap cigar that i ordered multiple boxes for use at my wedding. I can tell you that for multiple years these cigars never fail to make me happy to have on hand at any given time.
    Priced right, that is for sure!

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