5 Vegas Limitada 2006 Belicoso


The 5 Vegas Limitada sports a nice looking Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper with bright but smooth veins. The head of this cigar is a little rough, but it cut cleanly and never carried out on its threats to unravel. (Threats implied only by the wrapper edges that caused me a little concern.) Overall the construction of this stick was very good. After an easy light and a few pulls I noticed smoke tendrils rising from the head of the cigar. That’s always a nice effect, and a result of superior craftsmanship.

The data on this cigar comes from Cigars International, the only distributor of this cigar. The 2006 model is 6.25 inches in length with a 52 ring gauge. The binder is identified as “cuban seed” which is pretty vague. I’m going to hazard a guess that since these are made in the Aurora factory the binder is Dominican. The filler is a blend of Brazilian, Nicaraguan, and Dominican “piloto cubano.”

It starts out with a burst of pepper and a strong finish. Based on this I expected a powerhouse cigar to follow, but in this I was wrong. For the first third, in addition to the pepper and spice, there are some leathery flavors and a pleasant aroma. The ash builds into a solid cylinder that drops after a good two inches. It probably could go longer but I gracefully tapped it into the ashtray.

The 2006 Limitada turns out to be a fairly mild cigar, despite the way it begins. After the two thirds mark it really mellows out and takes on a very easygoing creamy character. But gradually the flavor evaporates. I found this very odd, and suspected it might be my palate taking a peremptory vacation. But on two separate nights I experienced the same thing — at the half way point this cigar just sort of peters out. Not in an unpleasant way exactly — it remains a perfectly acceptable smoke, but the flavors just drop out, as if a sudden wind came up and took away all the flavor.

I found this to be a puzzling cigar. It starts with great promise and for the first half the flavor transitions are interesting and enjoyable. Factor into this the perfect construction, and I’d say this cigar from La Aurora is a real winner, if only it continued its performance into the second half. Like the Cardinals losing to the Bears on Monday night, this cigar is strangely able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

2 thoughts on “5 Vegas Limitada 2006 Belicoso

  1. Great start to the Aurora. Can’t wait to see the rest! Seems pretty strange that midway in the smoke that it just becomes flavorless. I wonder if it is simply a matter of diminishing returns. So drinking something complex like a rare burgundy for an hour and a half is do-able because of the complexity of the flavor. Your tongue is still discovering something even after tasting it for an hour. A bottle of grape juice, on the other hand would seem pretty bland and tasteless after sipping on it for an hour. I guess it might be the same story with a complex cigar that one can enjoy puffing on for more than an hour and still enjoy it over a one-dimensional smoke, which becomes a chore after a half an hour. There simply isn’t enough taste in there to keep your tongue interested and so the tongue just tells your brain, “I’m not interested in continuing”.

    I’m not sure this is true but that’s all I can think of on how a cigar can just go bland mid stream.

  2. I think you’re on to something there James. Normally a cigar increases in intensity the longer you smoke it. Some don’t, it’s true, but it’s rare that I find one that decreases in intensity, which is why I suspected my palate. But you may right that it’s actually a complexity issue — the flavor becomes one dimensional and uninteresting rather than simply “going away.” I’m going to ponder that for a while…

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