Vick’s Nyquil Cherry Flavor

A slight departure from our regular fare here at Keepers of the Flame…


On the nose, Nyquil Cherry is a bountiful cascade of rich Washington cherry flavors. Despite having a somewhat impaired olfactory organ I am able to sense the richness of the Lambert, the delicate nuance of the Rainier, and the Bada of the Bing in this heady concoction. I’m taken back by a wave of nostalgia to my younger years in the Midwest where we would often snatch these tasty morsels directly from the tree and wash them down with flagons of Boone’s.

On the tongue, Vick’s Nyquil leaps like a moose into the river of my throat. (For you stogie chompers out there who wouldn’t know a verse from a vise, that’s called poetry.) It enters with a bombastic flourish of sweetness, followed by an alcohol tang. With some dismay I must add, however, that an obtrusively metallic, somewhat mentholated note strikes deep within the first swallow of this sweet liqueur. And while certainly expected, I can’t say I entirely appreciated the lengthy and unpleasantly medicinal finish.

This year’s vintage is not among the best, I must say. And yet it’s a vast improvement over the disastrous 1998. Pair this with a nice souffle or cough au vin.



(Needless to say… the cigar reviews are on hold for a while.)


7 thoughts on “Vick’s Nyquil Cherry Flavor

  1. LOL! Nice man…I always liked the original flavor…don’t do the orange!

    Hope you feel better soon…if you want you can send your cigars to me and I’ll be happy to review them on your behalf. =)

  2. Try the 85 Anniversario, I heard it taste like Cambodian cherries. Instead of the regular plastic cup, you get a serially numbered edition.

  3. Thanks for the good wishes guys. I’ll keep my eye out for the Anniversario and do my best to avoid the orange. (Orange?? Really? Mandarin or Satsuma?)

    And Jerry — thanks for the offer. If I ever need a pinch hitter I know who to contact! 🙂

  4. How dare you appropriate my work. I refer you to my volume of poems titled The Medication Not Taken: Phlegm Must Go Before I Sleep, in which I published the following haiku:

    “Nyquil leaps like a
    moose into the river of
    my throat. Gag gag gag.”

    I’ll see you in court.

  5. There is nothing, Bob, absolutely nothing in the massive biographical corpus that has been compiled since your death four decades ago that suggests you came within two miles of a bottle of Nyquil. Vick’s VapoRub, maybe, cause some of your work smells of it, but no Nyquil. I’ll see your lawyer and raise you one doctor.

  6. Tom, Hope you can get back on waggon soon! I wonder what would happen if you dipped your cigar in NyQuil and then smoked it. I bet you could get over that cold a lot faster, but I’m no doctor…

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