La Aurora 1495 Corona


La Aurora’s 1495 line was created to celebrate the founding of the city of Santiago de los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic, and it is the first cigar from La Aurora that has been an instant hit.

Sales Director and master blender Jose Blanco brought together five types of leaf from four different countries to create a complex cigar. “I’m a great believer in blending,” Blanco said in an interview with Cigar Aficionado, “I don’t care how good a cigar is, if it’s good and it’s one-dimensional, it’s just a good boring smoke. I like cigars that are complex and that change a lot.”

Starting with the skin and moving to the core, we have an Ecuadorian Sumatra sun-grown wrapper, underneath which is a Dominican corojo binder. The filler is a blend of Dominican piloto cubano and Nicaraguan and Peruvian ligero leaves. These are all powerful choices, but Blanco believes that the elements that stand out are the wrapper and the Peruvian filler leaf.

The Corona measures 5 1/4 inches with a 43 ring gauge. It seems a little small for a corona, but on the other hand it’s a tad too large to be called a petite corona. The scent of the silky smooth wrapper is earthy with plenty of barnyard. The cap clips easily and the prelight draw is good. It lights up and starts an even and carefree burn. The ash is a dirty gray.

Sun grown Ecuadorian leaf has a leathery, somewhat spicy aroma, and this cigar has it in spades. This little stick introduces itself with lots of black pepper and a lengthy finish. At first I am not terribly impressed with the flavor — it’s not harsh, but with so much pepper it comes off as very sharp. After a few more draws the aroma of the wrapper adds a complementary note that evens things out and calms down the spice.

By the middle of the cigar the complexity becomes more evident. There is a definite transition from the peppery introduction to a more balanced flavor at this point. This balance does not, however, lessen the strength of the smoke pouring from this little feller. The ligero and the piloto cubano keep the flavor strong and the finish long.

With about two inches left I’m quite satisfied with this corona and ready to call it a day. A strong drink is a welcome companion to the Aurora 1495 — an Imperial stout went well for me, though scotch or bourbon would do the trick just as well. While not overpowering, this is definitely an after dinner cigar due to its aggressive flavor and finish. The way the ESG wrapper blends in with the richness of the other tobaccos is really worth the five or six clams you’ll have to shell out for this cigar. It’s a little too heavy on the pepper for my taste, but if you enjoy the Joya de Nicaragua Antano or the Partagas Serie D, you should definitely check this one out.

4 thoughts on “La Aurora 1495 Corona

  1. I am enjoying one of these as I read your review. I am very impressed with the blend of this cigar which holds up well against cigars that are double the price. I recently tried a sampler of the Cien Anos and I find myself enjoying this 1495 better.
    Great website you have here I will be visiting more in the future.

  2. A couple weeks ago I had the chance to talk to Jose Blanco for a bit about this cigar. He was really excited about the 1495 and recommended the corona in particular. (Actually, he said this was his New Year’s Eve cigar. That says something!) It really does have a depth and complexity that I look for in a cigar, so I’ll be smoking more of these. But the corojo wrapper on the Cien Anos is just the bee’s knees, even if they are quite pricey. I’m going to miss them when they’re gone…

    Thanks for dropping by, PD!

  3. Great Review. I absolutely love these 1495. I did happen to meet Jose Blanco a few weeks back and he is a down to earth gentleman. He really does know his tabacco.I learned a lot over the 2 days that I met him. He told me, “There are only 2 types of good cigars. One that is your favorite and one that is free.” I couldn’t agree more. Anyways, these 1495’s are so good I got a box. As of the Cien Anos, I feel that these are better. And a little trade secret. The binders in the 1495 are wrappers that did not make the cut for the Cien Anos. I was shocked when I heard that. Anyways great site and smoke up!!

  4. Verrry interesting… he also mentioned something a little cryptic about the 1495’s “with the dark wrappers” being better. Maybe that was an early run?

    I’m going to have to give this one another shot, since the Ciens are almost gone and way over my budget anyway! Thanks for the comment. Long ashes!

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