Camacho Select Robusto


The Camacho Select is the brainchild of Julio Eiroa, the patriarch of Camacho Cigars. Julio is also the father of Christian Eiroa, president of Camacho Cigars. As often happens between fathers and sons, there are differences in taste and personality, and this cigar is an example of this. Developed by Julio to fit his personal taste, the Select series was designed to be somewhat milder in body and tone than Christian’s Corojo series. Evidently there is even a contest between the two to see whose cigar will sell best.

Camacho is known for strong full bodied cigars like the Camacho Havana and the Camacho Corojo, so I was looking forward to something more medium bodied, which is usually what I smoke. I was anxious to try the Select since its release last summer but had trouble locating any locally, so I finally sprang for a fiver online in the robusto size and let them relax in the humidor for a month or two before firing up a couple to review.

The wrapper on the Select is Cameroon, but according to the information on the Camacho website the nature of the binder and filler are “undisclosed.” Some vendor and review sites list the filler and binder leaves as Honduran, which makes sense since Camacho’s Rancho Jamastran is in Honduras, but the precise constitution of this cigar cannot be officially confirmed at this time.

The wrapper is just slightly oily with average tooth for a cameroon. One of the five cigars had been patched, but this didn’t affect the way it smoked. They all had great construction — even burn, good draw, so no complaints in that department.

The Select robusto starts out with a burst of spice, a burn on the tongue and throat that borders on harsh. After an inch or so the spice mellows down though, and I’m able to enjoy the smoke. It continues to get smoother as the cigar progresses, moving from cayenne to a spicy cedar flavor to a sweet wood for a moment before entering salty territory. This cigar has very definite flavor transitions.

True to its advertised description, this is a medium bodied cigar, but it packs a hefty nicotine punch. (I actually couldn’t finish the first one because I wasn’t prepared for it — on subsequent occasions I made sure I had a full stomach and a drink on hand. ) The aroma is not typical of cameroon until you get past the strongly spicy prelude; after that comes the expected gentle spice and incense, followed by softer notes of juniper smoke.

The aftertaste also goes through a transition from mild with a short finish to quite salty, eventually becoming bitter.The last third of the Select becomes increasingly salty and really pours on the nicotine. I can’t say I really cared for this.

Up to the two-thirds point I’d say this is a great cigar, especially the middle third. But the last third really goes in a strange direction and delivers an unexpected payload. In the contest between Camacho Corojo and Camacho Select, I have to throw my vote to Corojo. With all due respect to Julio… Congratulations Christian!

2 thoughts on “Camacho Select Robusto

  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the Select. It is a favorite of mine. I consider it a go to cigar when I can’t figure out what I’m in the mood for. I found the Super Robusto to be the best vitola in this line. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few of the pre-production original releases of this cigar and as much as I like the current version, I have to say the pre-production cigar was solid gold. I kind of wish Christian didn’t mess with it. He kicked up the production blend a bit to make it more like a Camacho. The Lonsdale in the pre-production release was a superb cigar.

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