Por Larrañaga Churchill


There are a few different versions of this brand floating around. The original is, of course, the Cuban label registered by Ignacio Larrañaga in 1834. By the end of the 19th century the brand was known world-wide, inspiring Kipling to find “peace in a Larrañaga.” Today this marca is a relatively minor player in the Habanos market.

And then there are all the “other” PLs, of which there are at least three. Altadis has a Dominican version with a Connecticut wrapper. Cuban Imports recently released the “Por Larranaga Cuban Grade,” and then there’s this one: the Honduran version with an Ecuadorian Connecticut seed wrapper. (I read somewhere that the “Por Larrañaga” name was at issue in a trademark dispute. Evidently the final decision was to let everybody use it.)

The Honduran PL is made in Santa Rosa de Copan with Honduran filler and binder, and is finished off with a very smooth and supple Ecuadorian grown wrapper. The Churchill is a standard 7 inches by 48.

This is a well-made, mild to maybe medium, but mostly mild bodied cigar with a great Ecuadorian wrapper. The aroma of the wrapper really made the cigar. There are some muted nutty flavors here as well, but without the wrapper there wouldn’t be much here to go on. It smells great, it burns well, it’s entirely inoffensive…  it’s everyone’s favorite political candidate!  Actually, it’s the opposite of cigars that are marketed to “seasoned smokers only.” But it really needs something to give it a little more traction, in my opinion.  On the other hand, I’ll admit it’s a pretty decent mild cigar. Better than a Don Diego, for example.

The Honduran PL is available from JR Cigars. Whether this means it’s an Altadis product or a new Santa Clara line, I don’t know. And furthermore, I don’t care. It’s just not my kind of smoke. But it could be yours, if you dig the super mellow stuff.


4 thoughts on “Por Larrañaga Churchill

  1. I agree completely. I just reviewed the Por Larranaga Fabuloso. It was very disappointing. It was loosely wrapped and a chore to smoke. Save your money and try a pleiades paris instead.

    Take it easy,

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