Nestor Reserve Connecticut Robusto


Several years ago Nestor Plasencia was quoted as saying, “Anyone who tells you they know everything there is to know about tobacco is either a liar or a fool.” This is worth remembering, coming as it does from one of the premier tobacco men on the planet. Plasencia has been working tobacco throughout Central America for years now, and has made cigars for companies as diverse as CAO, Indian Tabac, Alec Bradley, and many more, including his own brand names.

The Nestor Reserve label is probably better known for its maduro entry, which I haven’t reviewed yet but I can tell you right now that the couple of maduro torpedos I’ve sampled were fantastic, especially when the price is factored into the equation. (Another thing, but you’re not allowed to tell anyone: Plasencia makes really good econo smokes. Shhhh…)

The Connecticut Reserve is supposedly the same blend as the Nestor Reserve Maduro, with the obvious difference of a CT shade wrapper instead of the maduro. Unsurprisingly though, the information released by the big name online outlets is not convincing. The Maduro is advertised as having Honduran and Nicaraguan filler, with a Cameroon binder. Sounds tasty… IS tasty. The Connecticut, on the other hand, is presented as “a complex mixture of Costa Rican, Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos.” How do you get the same filler blend when one includes Cameroon, and the other Costa Rican leaf? Yet another mystery to ponder as the ash grows long…

I tend to hold mild cigars to a high standard when it comes to construction and aroma and give them more leniency when it comes to flavor. This standard worked out well for the Nestor Connecticut.

First off, I was impressed with the physical appearance of this cigar. The wrapper is smooth and almost veinless, and the cap is applied very well; in fact, one of them was neatly triple capped with a Cuban style flat head. That was interesting, especially for a cigar that cost me a little over a buck.

The flavor is mild, as expected, and by the end approaches a medium body without quite getting there. The smoke has a smooth creamy texture with a papery or balsa-like finish. Nothing to get excited about there, but the aroma is quite nice. A delicate mild spice rises from the smoldering ash and insinuates itself in the sinuses without no irritation. There’s something kind of oaky to it, but mingled with a dash of cinnamon. Maybe it’s a smell only a cigar smoker could love, but I am a cigar smoker and I love it.

There wasn’t too much of a development, and it doesn’t get too many points for complexity, but it’s a nice solid stick that burns well, smells great, and is really easy on the wallet. It may not be the best cigar I’ve smoked in the past couple months, but it’s definitely the best cigar under three or four dollars.

There’s absolutely no reason not to try this cigar, unless you hate mild cigars, Connecticut shade wrappers, or saving lots of money.

4 thoughts on “Nestor Reserve Connecticut Robusto

  1. If you’re after maximum bang for your budget buck, as I often am, you’re bound to run into Nestor. Mayorga, Maria Mancini, American Stogies — all great cigars for small change. I have yet to try his Plasencia Organica, supposedly the first 100% organically grown tobacco cigar, but I am very curious… Not eight to ten dollars a stick curious, but curious nevertheless.

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