Rocky Patel Cuban Blend


It seems that Rocky can’t make a bad cigar. With a lot of talent and hard work he has given us some great smokes already, but Rocky is not satisfied with mere success. Rest on his laurels he will not. He must create even more blends to satisfy his army of hungry Patelians. So far there is a new American Market Selection, a Rosado, the RP Connecticut, the Edge Lite, and probably a bunch more out just in the last year or so. This one, the Cuban Blend, and the Honduran Blend are available exclusively from Famous Smoke Shop.

Famous advertises this one thusly:

Available ONLY at Famous Smoke Shop, these cigars present a bold, heady and well-balanced blend of long-aged Honduran Ligero longfiller tobaccos deftly rolled into scrumptious Corojo or Maduro wrappers. The smoke is ultra-smooth, complex, and brimming with dark, spicy flavors. It’s almost like getting a fine Cuban cigar without the Cuban price! Try a box and taste for yourself.

OK. I’m sold. Not on a box though. I like to test the waters with a five pack before setting sail for Box Land.

There are two versions of the Cuban Blend, corojo and maduro. This is the corojo version, with a shiny golden brown wrapper that is truly enticing. The head is finished without a flaw. It’s almost a shame to cut this one, but sacrifices must be made for the betterment of mankind and our burning desires. The roll is solid, almost hard to the touch, but after a clip of the Palio I found the draw just fine.

This Cuban Blend toro starts up with a touch of spice and soon mellows into a smooth Honduran leather. There’s a whiff of sweetness here as well, but just barely. The aroma is not as pronounced as I would expect from corojo, but it serves as a nice complement to the leathery core.

This is a fairly straightforward cigar without a whole lot of development or complexity. It levels off at a solid medium body, veering at the end toward full. At the midpoint the caramel-like sweetness of the corojo is kicked up a notch, and the flavor becomes a little bolder, but calling this “Cuban” is a stretch. It’s a smooth and tasty high-quality smoke from Rocky Patel, and that’s advertising enough right there.

Famous is hawking these for around 90 dollars for a box of 20, or $16 for a fiver. Not a bad price for this cigar.


4 thoughts on “Rocky Patel Cuban Blend

  1. being in the UK i can get Cuban’s fairly easily and RP’s are now starting to be available online in the UK too.
    Famous Smoke are a very good online supplier and when I first tried these Cuban wannabees I was pleasantly surprised. I prefer the corojo of the two and agree they are both well made and a pleasure to smoke.

    I just hope RP doesnt create too many blends and fall flat when maintaining a smaller brand list might be wiser ? Who knows, but these are very good for the price.

    Thanks again – roy.r, england

  2. This review was spot on and in my opinion, very accurate with describing this cigar. I have been a fan of Rocky’s since the inception of IT and I’m a fan of this blend also. I’m rather partial to blends packed with Ligero and the maduro was everything I expected it would be; perfect after a hardy meal sipping espresso.

    Thanks for your efforts.

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