Montecristo Serie C Toro


Since the Montecristo cigar brand was established as a legal American commodity in 1995, the Dominican brand’s makers have issued an astounding number of blends. The Monte Serie C is the most recent creation in this prolific family of 13. Like the Serie V, the Serie VII, and Santa Clara’s Montecristo Afrique, this cigar is distinguished by a cameroon wrapper, or as Altadis says…

…rare, ultra premium Cameroon tobacco. These leaves – every one hand selected – are carefully stored and patiently aged, and the resulting smoke indulges the aficionado with the subtle complexities of flavor and smoothness of a Cameroon cigar that is destined to become the new benchmark. Is the Serie C the finest Cameroon ever? Quite possibly. After all, it’s a Montecristo.

I’ve always appreciated Montecristo for its consistent quality, though some of their blends I appreciate better than others. And since I’ve been hankering for a good cameroon I thought I’d give the “new benchmark” a test run.

In addition to the toro, this line is available in three other standard sizes: robusto, corona, and belicoso. The filler is a three country blend from Nicaragua, Peru, and the DR, with a binder leaf from Nicaragua. These are produced in the Dominican city of La Romana, home of Altadis’ mammoth Tabacalera de Garcia.

The Montecristo Serie C is presented with a flawless colorado maduro wrapper — a single vein snakes down the length of the stick and extends its tributaries laterally, leaving plains in between that reveal a moderately toothy stippling. The roll is solid and the cap is applied expertly (though without the flair of a triple cap.) The prelight test results are neutral: simple tobacco and a slight tingle on the tongue.

The draw is firm, but functional, and the burn is almost perfectly even. After a few inches the Monte C builds a solid and uniform gray ash. Construction qualities here are top tier.

The initial flavors are very muted and framed mostly by the aroma of the Cameroon — a mild minty flavor with very little finish and no aftertaste at all. Into the second third the mint grows into menthol over a gently woody foundation. The last act brings out some bready elements and a dash of pepper in the back of the throat until the flavor finally declines into bitter papery territory.

The main attractions here are perfect construction and a mild but aromatic Cameroon wrapper. The Monte C is a little too mellow for an after dinner smoke, unless you smoke mild cigars exclusively — but it could be a great little walk in the park cigar. Or in the case of this 54 x 6 toro, a more extensive walk in the park cigar.

Retail prices are around 8 or 9 USD, with online boxes selling for around 110. Not a bad price for consistency in a perfectly rolled handmade.



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