The Padron Series Roundup

Padron Series Band

Cigar Stats
Brand Owner: Padron Cigars, Inc. – Miami, FL (website)
(distributor operates under the name Piloto Cigars, Inc.)
Factory: Tabacos Cubanica, S.A. – Esteli, Nicaragua
Factory: Tabacos Centroamericanos, S.A. – Danli, Honduras
Line: Padron Series (the original line)
Wrapper: Natural and Maduro – Nicaragua
Filler & Binder: Nicaragua
Body: Medium to Medium Plus
Strength: Medium to Full
Cigar Insider/Aficionado Ratings: Consistently high 80s to low 90s

Fifteen sizes available in the Padron Series along with the Chicos which was recently discontinued.


Length x Ring



5.0 x 50



5.5 x 52



6.5 x 54



5.5 x 56



5.5 x 52



6.25 x 60



6.875 x 42



5.5 x 36



6.875 x 46



4.25 x 35

short panatela


4.875 x 46

corona extra


7.5 x 50

double corona


5.5 x 42



9.0 x 50



6.25 x 42

long corona


6.875 x 36


All sizes come in laquered cedar boxes of 26, packaged with cellophane sleeves on individual cigars. Many vendors list a box size of 25. Not entirely sure why that is. It may be that Padron changed the box count since the initial release (or it may be select vendors have lost a cog “up there” somewhere). The Corticos are the exception packaged in boxes of 30 or tins of 6.

The Padron Series

As the Padron’s describe it … founded in 1964 and evolving throughout company history, the Padron Series today consists of sixteen medium-to full-bodied, long-filler cigars ranging from cigarillo to the large “A” size. All tobacco in this line is sun-grown habano aged a minimum of two-and-one-half years. Each vitola is available in a natural or maduro wrapper. The Padron Series offers exceptional quality and value.

Padron Series cigars are handmade, in one of two factories, with Cuban seed tobaccos grown entirely in Nicaragua. A true classic and unique-tasting cigar whose outstanding quality absolutely defies its affordable price. These perfectly balanced puros brim with flavor. Their consistency is family tradition which they are committed to maintaining it even if it means limiting production numbers.

The blend in each cigar is the same. The difference is in the size and shape which interestingly yield some distinctly different flavors. Just a note of caution. The Natural and Maduro versions of this line are quite difficult to tell apart visually. Be sure and mark them or store them separately otherwise you may just have to smoke ’em to tell which is which.

The Keepers of the Flame Padron RoundupJose Padron, Sr.

In the interest of providing a good roadmap to this extensive line of cigars, we are gearing up for what promises to be a challenging project. We have enlisted some of the best reviewers available in the cigar community and, in the coming months, will post a comparison review of the natural and maduro wrapper editions of each vitola in the list above based on a concensus of opinion. When that is done, we will publish a vertical tasting for each wrapper giving cigar shoppers a valuable resource for cigar selection decisions.

Although cigar reviews are very much subjective and based on personal opinion and palates, what better way to level the playing field than to have multiple experts weigh in. We have assembled a cadre of guest reviewers, from the blogroll here on Keepers of the Flame, to assist us in this mammoth project. For each vitola listed above, cigarfan, lucky7 and select guests will sample the smoke and offer their observations. A consolidation of those views will be presented in a consensus review here on Keepers of the Flame. In addition, we will link each review to the vitola listing above for central access.

An impressive list of reviewing talent by anyone’s standard.

Cigar Command
Ricky & Scott

Cigar Inspector

Cigar Jack
Alex, Jeff & Jessie

Her Humidor

Club Stogie
McCharlie & TXMatt

Matt's Cigar Journal

Stogie Review

Stogie Review
Brian & Walt

The Box Press

GeorgeE, JonN & PatrickA

The Velvet Cigar
Ironmeden & Elvis

We are still gathering and distributing the raw materials for the project but look for the comparison reviews to begin in a few weeks. Until then … Disfrute de los Padrons!

Update — 5 June 2008: The fun has begun! As each vitola review is posted it is linked to the corresponding Frontmark in the table toward the top of this post.

Update — 29 July 2008: The comparison reviews are now complete. Look for our vertical tasting reports in a few weeks.

… cigarfan & lucky7

12 thoughts on “The Padron Series Roundup

  1. wow Padron’s have always been my favorite! I can’t wait to read the reviews.

    BTW anyone know what ever went with the perfecto they were making I have never seen one.


    T. Reasoner

  2. @ T. Reasoner

    You’re right! I had kinda forgot about that. Tell you what. When we get full boar into our Roundup, I am going to send a quick note to the Padron’s for a look see. When I do, I’ll ask what has happened to the mysterious Perfecto. Get back to ya.

    @ Thomas Huxley

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. I’m sad to hear Padrons don’t strike your fancy. That’s the great thing about the cigar world we live in. If you sample something that’s not right for you, try something else. Certainly isn’t a shortage of ammo. Good Luck!

  3. Whenever I reach for a Padron, I’m pretty sure of what I’m going to get. They’re consistently… Padron. But some of these sizes I’ve never tried, and I’ve never tried to compare any of them side by side. This will be something new for me, and I have to thank Lucky7 for masterminding this project. As the Guinness guys say: Brilliant!

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