National Nestor Miranda Cigar Day


It’s the 20th Anniversary of Miami Cigar and Co., and they’re celebrating by declaring Friday, June 12th National Nestor Miranda Cigar Day.

As we’ve noticed here previously, the Nestor Miranda Special Selection is one tasty smoke, and to honor Nestor Miranda as well as the cigar smoking community at large, Miami Cigar is making a gift of one Nestor Miranda Special Aniversario cigar (in the whopping 7 x 56 “Danno” size) to anyone who buys a cigar — any cigar, by any cigar maker — at one of the 500 Nestor Miranda Special Selection Authorized Dealers on Friday, June 12.

That’s right. Support your B&M by making a single purchase on Friday, June 12, and you get a Nestor Miranda Special Selection Aniversario as a gift. What a deal.

From the press release:

“All I ask,” said Nestor Miranda, “is that they smoke the ‘Danno’ that afternoon. Anyone who wishes to comment on the cigar, after smoking it, can e-mail me at . I am very interested in hearing those comments.”

To locate your Authorized Dealer, go to and follow the instructions on the site.

2 thoughts on “National Nestor Miranda Cigar Day

  1. Here was my experience: I went to an authorized retailer and asked about the Nestor Miranda promotion. The response was this: “Whaaa? Giving away a cigar?” He smiles. “I don’t think so.”

    Well, I said, you do carry Nestor Miranda cigars, right?

    “No, we aren’t going to get that one.”

    Hmmm… do you realize your store is on the list of authorized retailers for Nestor Miranda Cigars? It’s on the Nestor Miranda website.

    “You mean our website?”

    No, their website.

    “Let me call my manager.”

    After conferring with the manager it turns out that they are going to be carrying Nestor Miranda, starting next week. And they’re going to do the promotion then. Next week. On some unspecified day, or days or whatever.

    I think I’ll just wait for my NMSS lanceros to show up in the mail.

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