CAO Consigliere

CAO Consigliere

Buried deep in the New Jersey pine barrens lie the remains of a cigar blend that was once sponsored by a premium cable TV network. I have fond memories of that cigar — a rich blend of sweet maple and chocolate that was smooth and easy to smoke. It was a tad on the expensive side, but a nice treat every once in a while. And then something happened to it. The blend went off, as sometimes happens, and I lost interest in it. I wasn’t surprised when the brand disappeared altogether. I assumed it was a contract hit, and I guess in a way it was.

So imagine my surprise when the ghost of that cigar rose from the fog of my humidor. It’s back, and the blend is the original one released in 2006, before it went sideways. Now denominated Consigliere, it’s a five-country blend anchored by a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. The binder is Honduran, and the core is composed of leaves from Nicaragua, Colombia, and the DR.

Best of all: the price is greatly reduced from when the cigar was licensed to that TV network.

Three sizes are in production:

  • 5 x 52 — Associate
  • 6 x 54 — Soldier
  • 7 x 56 — Boss

CAO Consigliere 2

Construction Notes

The Consigliere Associate is a solid parejo with a well-formed head and a sloppy cap. The wrapper is an oily maduro with some spots and rough patches. It contrasts nicely with the red-and-black band. The draw is very good, and it burns slowly with lots of smoke volume.

Overall construction: Excellent.

Tasting Notes

The Associate opens with cedar and the touch of sweet maple that I remember from the old days. The smoke is smooth and woodsy, and just as easy going as I remember it. In the mid-section it picks up more spice and becomes earthier. The aftertaste is a bit flinty, but this is nicely balanced by dried fruit and a hint of chocolate on the nose. The smoke is medium bodied in texture and strength. By the final stage the flavor is tangier and the earthy qualities build to an acidic zing.

CAO Consigliere 3


I always wanted to be Tom Hagen so I could say, “I have a special practice. I handle one client.” But then I would have to deal with Jack Woltz and his horse. I’ll stick with this Consigliere instead.

CAO’s Consigliere is almost everything I remember from ten years ago, if olfactory memory can be trusted, but at a better price. 20-count boxes of the Associate size can be found for under $100, almost half the price of the Premium TV Network brand. You can have the same great cigar for less money and be spared all the marketing malarkey at the same time. That’s an offer I can’t refuse.

Final Score: 91


2 thoughts on “CAO Consigliere

    • Definitely check it out, especially at this price. I don’t love everything CAO makes, but I think this one is box worthy. (And if you’re at all interested in milder fare, the CAO Colombia is a good one to try as well.)

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