Padron Serie 1926 Maduro Belicoso

The first post warrants a super premium cigar, which is exactly what this one is. Some preparation is required for this Nicaraguan puro– a substantial meal, for starters. This is a powerful smoke.

It’s pressed and absolutely solid. There was a slight imperfection in the wrapper near the head, but nothing to worry about. (This was a gift. Had I picked it myself I might have selected a different stick from the box.) Having snipped the tip, I applied the torch.

Starts out a little peppery, but quickly calms down to what seems a fairly typical Padron. Now this was a little disappointing– typical is not what I expected from a Serie 1926. But about a third of the way in the flavor began to rise, and by halfway I had ascended to the seventh heaven, where the cigar gods live and look down, laughing at we poor mortals. Yea, through the valley of the shadow of Vueltabajo… Yes, this is the kind of euphoric reverie this cigar can inspire.

The 1926 serie is composed of all sun-grown tobacco, which makes it a rich and powerful smoke. The maduro has an exotic sweetness that rides on top of the strength, lending an additional element to the complexity of the blend. The flavor profile will be familiar to fans of Padron, but it’s a powerhouse. Much stronger than any Padron I’ve had the good fortune to sample.

The only downside to this dark brown bomb of delight is the price. Made in a very limited quantity, and marketed to upscale folks — Robb Report readers, for example– Padron can afford to ask top dollar.
Is it worth it?

I don’t know. I might have to sample a few more to find out. Christmas is only eleven months away…

2 thoughts on “Padron Serie 1926 Maduro Belicoso

  1. Nice site. Great reviews. Your palate is spot on and your reviews are honest and straightfoward.

    You sure picked a winner to start. My only beef with the ’26s or ’64s are with the maduro wrappers (i.e., PAMs). Granted, they are the best maduros anywhere, but why would anyone mask the great balance and flavors of a Padron with maduro sweetness?

    It’s like putting a maduro on an Opus. Oh yeah, that’s what the Anejo is!

  2. Hey! My first post finally gets a comment. How about that. With no pictures, no video, no nothin.

    I have yet to try the PAM 64. I like the naturals so much I haven’t ventured over to the dark side, but one of these days I believe I will. Haven’t tried the Viejo either for that matter, but with the encouragement and support of zealous cigar fiends like yourself, I think I just might. Just as soon as I finish this bundle of Rolys. šŸ™‚

    Thanks for the comment, Bret.

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