Salad Day

My recollection is that the term “salad days” derives from the latin root sal, for salt. For the ancient Romans salt was a precious commodity, hence the connotation of “salad days” as a time of luxury, wealth and youth.

Today, however, Salad Day refers to the day I received my Chef’s Salad from JR Cigars. For the past few years JR has been offering a “Trick or Treat” special around Halloween, a mixed bag of premium smokes, plus a couple other cigar related goodies–hats, jackets, humidifying cards, etc.  There’s usually five or six primo cigars– JR Ult Cabinets and Trinidads have made an impression on my memory– and the rest are plain good premiums. No White Owls or nothin, but there’s always a few Don Diegos and Upmanns I’m not real crazy about. Seem to consist mainly of Altadis cigars.
Now JR is doing it again; the ad copy says they are trying to unload unpopular sizes that are piling up in the warehouse. And that appears to be the case. I received some sizes I can’t identify, even after looking through the catalogs. Here’s the rundown.

Don Diego (I told ya so) Robusto

Don Diego Royal Palms (tube 6.12 x 36)
Don Diego 6 x 36 I can’t identify. Let’s call it the “Unpopular Size”

Playboy Lonsdale

H. Upmann Monarch (tube 7 x 46)

H. Upmann Petite corona

H. Upmann Cristale (6.5 x 44  No. 43 maybe??)

Romeo y Julieta Petite Belicoso (something about putting petite next to belicoso makes me a little mad. Har har.

Romeo y Julieta  Bully

Romeo y Julieta Reserve Maduro No. 4 (5 x 44)

Astral Cameroon Beso (5 x 52)

El Rico Habano (maduro) Rico Club (5.5 x 54)

Excalibur 1066 Merlin 5.25 x 50 (GREAT cigar!)

La Gloria Cubana Churchill EMS

Montecristo White Toro (nice.)

Montecristo Platinum Petite No. 2 Torpedo (looks just like the petite belicoso, but it’s a torpedo. Righto.)

Royal Jamaica Gold Belicoso

Santa Damiana Tubulares Grande (A maduro– interesting.)

Juan Lopez Belicoso

Te Amo Figurado (tried a few Te Amos years back and No me gusta, y no mas, por favor but I guess I’ll have to give it another shot.)

PLUS A Colibri quantum lighter and 2 finger leather case

PLUS–and this seems to be a staple for JR, God knows why– a trial sample of Degree deodorant.

This sampling wasn’t quite as good as the Halloween issue, but all this, plus the lighter. for 50 bucks ain’t bad.  I’ll be posting my opinion of these and other fine cigars in the days to come…

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