Felipe Dominicana Serie Especial T


Special T — for Torpedo, obviously.

Philip G. Wynne went from selling helicopters in the Middle East to making cigars in Honduras and Nicaragua, under the tutelage of Don Jorge Bueso and Don Julio Eiroa. Somewhere along the way he was asked to make a signature cigar for Frank Sinatra. And who could refuse the Chairman?

The requirement for Sinatra was that the cigar had to be made in the Dominican Republic. When Wynne said he had no factory in the DR, Sinatra's people told him to build one. So he did, and the Sinatra My Way cigar was born. After Sinatra died some legal issues came up with his estate and the My Way went His Way, but the factory remained. (Though apparently there is a very mild cigar still made by Felipe Gregorio called "Felipe My Way.")

This a mild and relaxing smoke with a really nice Ecuador Connecticut shade wrapper. The binder and filler are both Havana seed — piloto cubano — and lend this cigar some body. It's a creamy, toasty smoke with an earthy aftertaste, and the light spice typical of a high quality Connecticut shade wrapper.

I won a box at auction and when it arrived I eagerly opened the box and lit one up. It burned down the side, tasted rank, and needless to say I was disappointed. I put them in the humidor for three weeks, hoping they just needed to settle. I guessed right — they were transformed — no construction issues. Fine mild smokes.


6 thoughts on “Felipe Dominicana Serie Especial T

  1. I just tried a “Felipe My Way” last night. Mild is right! I don’t think I’ve ever smoked a milder cigar! Fortunately, it did have some flavor. The word “hints” comes to mind.

    It’s probably a cigar best suited as a morning smoke with your cup of coffee. (Though I suspect the coffee would over power it.)

  2. I just smoked one of these (the Especial T) from the same box as the ones I reviewed, over a year and half ago I guess, and they’re getting even more mellow with age…which leaves them very “hinty” indeed.

    Still a good cigar, but really mild.

  3. Yeah, this is one cigar I wouldn’t recommend for aging! LOL!

    @lucky7: I am, after all, the Brian of Brian’s Random Thoughts. Special concessions must be made. 😉

    Actually, if you’re logged into WordPress (i.e. you have a blog or an account on a blog), it automagically puts whatever avatar you upload to your profile in any comment you make.

  4. can anyone tell me where I can buy the felipe dominicana cigars, I have looked for a long time and cannot find them, thank you in advance for your efforts

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