Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Robusto

Cusano 18

The filler in the Cusano 18 line is reportedly 18 year old Dominican Oro. It was originally grown on an experimental basis by Hendrik Kelner, producer for Davidoff and many others, in an attempt to develop a Dominican wrapper leaf. Evidently that didn’t work out– according to an interview with Michael Chiusano in Smoke magazine they couldn’t roll a cigar longer than four inches with the resulting product. So after many years it found its way into the filler for the Cusano 18.

Both the binder and the wrapper are Connecticut Shade, and it’s a handsome wrapper, as you can see here:


There are spots of green which I wasn’t able to pick up with my camera (still working on that lighting thing.) Aside from that, it’s a truly gorgeous cigar.

It was given a very respectable 91 by Cigar Insider, and at around 3.00 US it’s also eminently affordable. I wouldn’t rate it as high as that, I’m afraid.
It starts out a little rough, and it has an aftertaste I don’t particularly care for. For a mild to medium bodied smoke the nicotine content is quite high. On the plus side, it burns evenly with a lovely aroma. Woody with a caramel overtone, and a little vanilla. There’s also a nice spice here. For three bucks it’s definitely worth a shot.

It sounds stupid to say these might improve with age, seeing that they’re made with 18 year old filler, but they still seemed a little young to me. I might put a few away as an experiment, mad scientist that I am…emphasis on the mad. If I can find a Paired Maduro version I’ll be a maduro scientist!

Bwaa haa haa!!!

… here comes my wife with the fire extinguisher again. Gotta run.

5 thoughts on “Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Robusto

  1. Just finished a Cusano 18/robusto and must say it is an exceptional cigar. The burn was near perfect with ample draw. I usually smoke coronas but got a deal on an assortment of robustos from an online cigar supplier. I’m a bit wary now because it was the first cigar smoked from that assortment and wonder if any of the other cigars will be nearly as tasteful.

  2. Smoke ’em, Jack! My experience with Cusano has been hit and miss, but this is one I’d like to revisit. I’m going to have to pick a few up and see if things have changed (for the cigar or my palate.) Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I just gave this one another shot and my opinion is unchanged. For a cigar with 18 year old tobacco, it sure tastes young to me. Distinctive though. If you love this flavor– classic Connecticut cream over a dry woody base, topped with a shot of vanilla spice — you won’t find many to match it. To me it still tastes a little green.

  4. I just found this site and why I was looking is not good. I just fired one of these baby’s up and I’m going to say I don’t like a cigar aged for 18 years. The green taste is not young its mold. I had to put it out.

    It’s been in a humidor for a while, not sure how long. It was one in a sampler. The humidor is in north Texas so I have to keep it at 74-75. I know it’s not the humidity because it’s about 36 in the house right now. If anything it needs to be dried out.

    Maybe I don’t have a taste for an 18 year old cigar. My favorites would be an RP Edge, Hoyo double corona, la Flor, and a Padron. That pretty much covers the spectrum. Since I don’t get to smoke but one a day, it has to be good.

    Sorry Cusano. Thanks Jack for the vent.

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