Felipe II Reserva “N”


The Felipe II Reserva “N” is a petite corona with a lot of heart. Made in Felipe Gregorio’s Nicaraguan factory with filler from the Condega and Jalapa regions, a binder from Esteli, and a shade grown Habana 92 wrapper, this is a mighty little smoke.

Especially nice at this time of year for those of us who are relegated to smoking in the great outdoors– big flavor in a ten to fifteen minute smoke. Long enough to enjoy the cigar, but not enough to succumb to hypothermia.

You might say that I have no grounds for complaint, seeing that I reside in the Mojave desert. And you would be right. I am in no danger of frostbite as I walk down Las Vegas Boulevard. But the nights can still drive the mercury down, sometimes as low as 35 degrees.
Okay, it’s not the battle of Stalingrad. But I do remember years ago when I lived in rural Minnesota — so I do know what real cold is. And if I had to pick a quick smoke to puff in the garage for ten minutes, this little 4.5 x 44 beauty is what I’d grab:

It’s a smooth, rich smoke with a nutty, creamy base and some coffee notes. No harshness to speak of, but if you get greedy it will in turn get a little bitter. Take your time and resist the urge to huff it. And to gild the lily, it’s reasonably priced.

Stay warm and fire one up!

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