After the wreck and recovery of the Molly Aida, Fitzcarraldo (played by Klaus Kinski) sells back the ship and sends for a few items:

Paul, listen. You’ll travel to Manaus with all this money.

Bring me a tailcoat and the best cigar in the world.

And from the theater I want an armchair with red velvet upholstery.

I made a promise to a pig that loves Caruso very much.

–Werner Herzog

Klaus Kinski later appears with a giant floppy cigar, no band, puffing and smiling insanely.

A great film. See it, and then watch Burden of Dreams, a documentary by Les Blank about the making of Fitzcarraldo. The Criterion edition includes a short featuring Herzog eating his shoes (nicely boiled with some onions) after losing a bet that Errol Morris could not complete his wonderful Gates of Heaven.

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