Legends Series White — Camacho


The Legends Series is a line distributed by Cigars International. There are now six different manufacturers represented, and this one is Camacho’s entry. As a fan of Camacho, I had to try it.

My first impression is that it isn’t quite as good as Camacho’s standard brands, but it’s still a fine smoke. The draw is fairly loose, but it burns well. The Havana seed wrapper reminds me a lot of the Camacho Havana line — slightly leathery with some vanilla overtones. Maybe it’s the same leaf.

On the other hand, the Legend White is not as powerful as the Havana, especially after the midway point when the flavor sort of peters out. It starts out peppery and quickly becomes smoother, but maintains a full body until that midway point when it becomes a little bland.
For the money, especially if you can grab a box on Cigarbid, it’s a great everyday cigar.

The other lines in the Legends series are reportedly of lesser body, but if this one is any indication they’re worth checking out. They’re all the same size– 5.75 x 54, so they’re a mouthful. A sampler pack of all six — Puros Indios, Graycliff, Perdomo, Matasa, and Patel, in addition to Camacho — would be a wonderful way to compare the styles of these cigar makers.

2 thoughts on “Legends Series White — Camacho

  1. I purchased a box of the While Labels and so far they are my least favorite of the Legend series. I have not smoked the Drew Estate or the Graycliff’s yet.

    Something about it this one does not compute. Its a very dry tasting and dull cigar. I don’t get overly excited when I smoke this cigar. I’ve been giving them out when I can to friends.

    My favorite so far is the Blue Label Matasa and then the Red Label Perdomo.

  2. I really like the Blue Label as well, better than the White, I agree. Quesada makes some great cigars but gets minor coverage in the press because his best (and most popular) cigars are not heavyweight stomach stompers — regardless, he makes great cigars. (My opinion, of course.)

    I’ve only tried the White and the Blue Legends, but on your recommendation I’ll be looking for the Reds.

    Thanks for droppin’ by, Paul. The Velvet Cigar is a welcome new addition to my very selective blogroll. 🙂

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