Camacho Corojo Monarca


5 x 50

Wrapper: First Generation Corojo (Honduras)

Binder: First Generation Corojo (Honduras)

Filler: First Generation Corojo (Honduras)

The corojo leaf is the original Cuban wrapper leaf. At one time corojo leaf was the standard wrapper for Cuban cigars, and the criollo variety was the standard filler. They are both, however, very sensitive to blue mold and other maladies, so the genetically pure forms are no longer grown in Cuba. Hybrids have instead been developed that are resistant to tobacco diseases.

The makers of Camacho, the Eiroa family, have revived the original pure corojo strain on their farms in the Jamastran valley of Honduras. The plant evidently thrives there, even though it is still susceptible to the same problems in Honduras as it is in Cuba. The Eiroas obtained the seeds from the grandson of the farmer who first developed the corojo plant on a vega in the Vuelta Abajo called Santa Ines del Corojo.

The Camacho Corojo line is a little different than the traditional Cuban blend — it is pure corojo. Not just the wrapper. The whole shebang. With a band that looks like the classic brown and white labels of the oldest Cuban brands, you might reasonably expect this cigar to rival the best of Cubans.

Don’t confuse this line with some other cigars that include the name “Corojo” — the Punch Rare Corojo comes to mind, since it doesn’t even contain the corojo leaf. The Camacho line is something entirely different.

The Monarca is a fantastic robusto. Excellent construction with a firm draw and perfectly even burn. The ash drops with a thump on the ground when tapped after an inch or so. A full bodied cigar with an intriguing aroma — it starts out earthy, with a really nice floral element, and builds up to a smooth leathery taste. A serious cigar, but one with subtleties as well.
Probably not a beginner’s cigar, but not a steamroller either. For a steamroller try the Camacho Corojo Diploma. For a great after dinner smoke, paired with a single malt or a Guinness, the Monarca does it for me.

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