Montecristo Platinum Petite Belicoso


4 x 42

Wrapper: Mexico (San Andres)

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian

I think this is a discontinued size, since Altadis USA does not list it. I think it may have also been called the “Petite No. 2.” It’s a tasty little treat when you’re pressed for time or just in the mood for a short smoke.

It fires up nicely and burns well with no construction issues. The wrapper is exceptional, a Mexican grown Cuban seed leaf — I’ve had bad luck with Mexican produced cigars, so maybe this is a good sign.

The flavor profile is toasty, with some nuts with a bit of spice. Since this is such a small cigar there isn’t much time for development. It pretty much ends where it started. I’ve noticed an unpleasant metallic tinge on other Platinums (and no, it’s not word association) but nothing like that on this little guy. If you can find these cheap, which you might because it looks like they’re closing them out, grab a few. Tins of four are their usual mode of transport.

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