Gispert Belicoso Maduro


6 1/8 x 52

Wrapper: San Andres Marron (Mexico)

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Honduras and Nicaragua

Here be another Altadis cigar with a brand name borrowed (in the loosest sense) from a traditional Cuban make. The original was created in the 40’s by Simon Palaez in the Pinar del Rio region and designed to be a discount, bargain smoke. Charles del Tedesco’s The Havana Cigar, (1997) lists only three sizes, and says each one is “for beginners.” Elsewhere I’ve read that they are considered to be a collector’s item due to their scarcity.

The Honduran variety may be considered a bargain cigar as well. Both the Natural and the Maduro fall in the 3 to 5 dollar range, and both are pretty decent cigars.

The Maduro is a square pressed, medium bodied, sweet smoke with a bite. Not a very nuanced cigar, but reasonable for the price. It starts out a little rough, and doesn’t get real friendly at any point. At the halfway point it picks up a musky element, which is a nice counterpoint to the sweet aroma. A short finish. Don’t think I would ever nub this one.

My only serious criticism of the belicoso is the construction: a loose roll, which I think may contribute to the bite, and an uneven burn which required three or four touch ups with a torch. (I haven’t had this problem with the toro.) But even with these flaws, at 3 bucks a pop it’s a good value everyday cigar.

2 thoughts on “Gispert Belicoso Maduro

  1. Huh, I’ve never run across one of these. And yet, with so many good choices out there, and after reading your review, I don’t know I would much want to… by the way: I love the name of your blog…

  2. I really enjoyed the toro size, but the belicoso not so much. I didn’t really mean to slam this cigar, but if you happen to find them somewhere check out the toro or robusto before the beli. The price is right on. Thanks for the comment. I’m adding a link to your site: nice well-balanced reviews.

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