El Rico Habano Rico Club


5 1/2 x 54

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

This version of El Rico Habano was introduced by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo’s El Credito Cigar Co. in 2001. It shares some of the same characteristics of the La Gloria Cubana Serie R line — medium to heavy in body and rich in flavor.

One look at the oily oscuro wrapper and I thought this was going to be a winner. The wrapper smells sweet even before firing it up, and the foot of the cigar smells of newly turned black loam. I was expecting a real powerhouse from the git go.

It turns out that this is a surprisingly smooth smoke. What really makes this a world class cigar is the perfect construction. I received this as part of a grab bag deal, so I’m basing this judgment on one sample, but with that caveat I will say this is one of the best constructed cigars I’ve ever smoked. The pack is firm and full but the draw is effortless and brings a considerable volume of smoke. After each puff tendrils of smoke waft from the head. The burn is even and needs no caretaking.

It starts out sweet and rich, and within half an inch the spice picks up. It seems to peak at the two-thirds point, after which it settles down and maintains a consistently sweet and spicy smoothness to the finish. A mild and pleasant aftertaste seals the bargain. It’s not as powerful as the LGC Serie R, but every bit as complex.

I used to think the El Rico Habano was LGC’s kid brother, a knock off of some sort. Not so. Based on this one sample, I’ll definitely be looking for more.

4 thoughts on “El Rico Habano Rico Club

  1. Indeed, El Rico Habano is actually the first cigar Ernesto ever put out. Later, when the LGC blend became so popular, the ERA sort of passed out of center stage, but still very much appreciated by many seasonned smokers. Unfortunately, trying to get some of these in Europe is not the easiest of tasks…

  2. Yes, your plight is a sad one. I can only imagine the despair when you walk into your local tobacconist and all you can see are Havanas for miles. How depressing! But seriously, are there import restrictions where you are? Or is the market just unfriendly to Dominicans, Nicaraguans, etc…?

  3. Well, I would say the market is just unfriendly. Everyone seems to think that of you are going to have a cigar, it ought to be a cuban. I was talking to my tobacconist yesterday, who practically bet his life on it that there is no such thing as a full-bodied non-cuban Cigar… hehehe… I can think of so many that are just as full-bodied or more than any of the habanos I am used to smoking. It’s amazing. But I guess that way there’s more for the rest of us who appreciate them!

  4. You could try Christian’s Camacho cigars. They are good, but tend to be a little unidemenitional.(sic). Where most cubans that I get are not that way.

    The ERH in the late 90’s I really liked and had boxes of them. The new ones are not so nice, but I think a lot of cigars including the cubans are going that way now. Way to much production.

    I hate to think what will happen to cubans when they become legal in the US. I probably won’t buy any for a few years.

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