Indian Tabac Cuban Corojo Arrow


Indian Tabac is Rocky Patel’s original brand made in Danli, Honduras by Nestor Plasencia. The Corojo line is somewhat newer, however, having been introduced in 2003. The Cigars International catalog calls this line “Cuban Corojo” while Cigarcyclopedia calls it the “Classic Corojo.”

(Ah, the confusion that rains down upon the unsuspecting 5-pack consumer. Witness his befuddlement…)

The “Arrow” designation is also a bit confusing, since Top25Cigar says it’s a slim panatela; this is obviously a robusto. The “Boxer” listed on the Indian Tabac website is also labeled a robusto at 4 1/2 inches long. This one measures 5 x 50. And to top it all off, the Indian Tabac website does not even mention this line. (The Classics listed there have Habana 2000 wrappers.)

The most reliable source of information at this time appears to be the Cigars International website, where there is pictured an actual BOX of these puppies. The size is clearly robusto, and the name on the box is ARROW.

(The witless 5-pack consumer emerges into the peerless sunlight, blinking and looking for his Xikar.)

To the best of my knowledge, the wrapper on this cigar is indeed corojo. It certainly tastes like it. There’s a sweet spice to corojo that is almost unmistakable, and this stick has it in spades. It’s similar to Cameroon, but lighter, a little more complex, a little more refined; yet it makes sense that after the embargo U.S. manufacturers would turn to Cameroon as an alternative.

The wrapper competes nicely with the Nicaraguan binder and the Honduran and Nicaraguan filler. It’s a medium bodied smoke that builds, but never reaches full blast. The construction is uniformly excellent, and the aftertaste minimal. The sweet caramel aroma really sells this one for me, and sells it at a fantastic everyday price of two dollars a stick.

(The bewildered five-pack consumer revels in his good luck and goes in search of yet more five-packs to confuse him…)

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