Jack’s Brain…Better with Coke

I was searching for information about a particular cigar the other day and ran across an interesting website with reviews for hundreds of cigars. "Review" might be an overstatement, since Jack's assessments are extremely terse summaries, including price, how much of the cigar he smoked, and oddly, how well the cigar tastes with Coke. Sometimes he surprises us and has a Dr. Pepper instead, but mostly it's Coke. This fellow really enjoys his Coke. Often we learn how the cigar affected the taste of his Coke, as well as how the Coke interacted with his cigar. I find this highly entertaining, for some reason.

He's far more prolix on the subject of food, so if you live in or travel to the Phoenix area his restaurant reviews are definitely worth a look.

And while his cigar reviews are not particularly helpful, the Cigar-Coke Nexus makes Jack's Brain today's Cigar Site of Interest.

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