Bad Habits Robusto


Every once in a while I like to hit the local cigar shops to see what's kicking. This robusto is from a downtown Las Vegas shop called Bad Habits. They have some interesting and unusual sticks, including a Costa Rican puro called Eureka which I will be reviewing here at some point. They're located on 4th Street near the Fremont Street Experience. Their prices are a bit high, but that's understandable due to the location. But you're better off buying some nice cigars from these folks than throwing your money away on the tables, believe me. (Here comes the pit boss. Time to light up this robusto and look tough.)

I was told in the shop that this is a Dominican puro, but that's about all I can tell you about the makeup of this cigar. The maduro wrapper is rough with a few prominent veins, but it feels solid enough. Prelight it has a fairly typical herbal smell with a tinge of ammonia. I thought it might need some additional aging for this reason, but I decided to fire it up anyway.

It lit up well, forming a flaky gray ash. The burn was even and consistent throughout the smoke. I didn't expect a whole lot from this cigar, because it hasn't been rated 95 in Cigar Aficionado and there aren't full page ads splashed all over the cigar magazines. Hell, it doesn't even have a homepage! What's a cigar without a homepage anyway?

In this case, it's a pretty good cigar. It's medium in body, reaching towards full. It starts out with an herbal body and a little pepper. Notes of chocolate and cocoa are the main feature. These finer flavors are drowned out as the cigar grows in strength and the pepper comes and goes. I smoked this a little past the band, at which point it turned a little bitter.

I can't remember what I paid for this, but it was under five dollars, and at this price I'd call it a bargain. I've paid way more for far lesser cigars. If you're ever downtown and hankering for a good smoke while you're paying the devil his due, check out Bad Habits. I plan to make another trip soon myself.

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