American Stogies Cuban Corojo Toro


Nestor Plasencia makes so many cigars for so many people it’s hard to keep straight, but this is one of them, made for Indianhead in Esteli, Nicaragua. Plasencia’s father Sixto was one of the pioneers of the cigar industry in Nicaragua. In the mid-60’s Sixto recognized the similarity of the valleys of northwestern Nicaragua to the Pinar del Rio area and decided it would be a good place to experiment. The test was a rousing success, and since then the Plasencia family has been huge in both the Esteli area and the Danli, Honduras tobacco zone. To date, Plasencia grows tobacco for Rocky Patel, Mayorga, OneOff, Evelio, Maria Mancini, other Indianhead cigars, and numerous other private customers. He also has his own line, which includes the Plasencia Organica, one of the first cigars rolled with certified organic tobacco.

This is the “Classic Cuban Corojo,” introduced in 2003 as a fuller bodied addition to the American Stogies line. It normally sells for under three dollars– like the Mayorga cigar it could very well be considered a “bargain cigar,” even though it could probably sell for more. It’s a Nicaraguan puro according to he venerable Cigarcyclopedia…but I must admit I did not know they were growing corojo in Nicaragua. Unless, of course, this is like the Punch rare corojo, and corojo in name only.

But judging by taste, I think this wrapper leaf is indeed corojo. It has the same aroma as the Puros Indios Corojo and the Camacho Corojo, but I can’t say the cigar as a whole is quite as good as either of those. It has a nutty, somewhat vegetal taste, with very little spice. It packs a good punch, however. Definitely not an empty-stomach smoke.

It burns well, evenly and not too quick, though the stick does get soft after a couple inches. I grew a bit tired of it at about the half-way point, where the power began to kick in without any added flavor dividends.

For the price, I’d say give this one a shot. Don’t expect too much, and you’ll get a little more than you had expected.

3 thoughts on “American Stogies Cuban Corojo Toro

  1. An addendum to this review: I just sampled an American Stogies Maduro Super Robusto and it was equal in quality to the Corojo. The Super Robusto has a 62 ring gauge (!) which is a bit too large for me, but the taste was everything I’d expect from Plasencia. Rich flavor without too much of a kick. My feeling at this point is that Nestor does maduro extremely well– the Mayorga maduro is a case in point– and this one reminded me of a lighter Mayorga maddie. At the going price, you can’t lose with these.

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