Eureka Silver Toro


I picked up this cigar in a downtown Las Vegas cigar shop — it was a pretty stick and I had some change jingling in my pocket, so I bit the lure. I had never heard of the Eureka brand, and I've come to learn that there's precious little information posted about it. What little I've been able to find is from

What caught my eye in the cigar shop was the pedigree posted on each individually signed box– it's a Costa Rican puro made in Puriscal. Having had some good experiences with Costa Rican maduro (the best maduro leaf in my opinion) I couldn't resist an encounter with a CR puro.

The roll on this cigar is solid, and the prelight scent is fairly mild. The draw is quite firm, but there might be a reason for this: the foot on this cigar is flagged and the flag is folded over the foot like so:


The flag burns up quickly and helps initiate an even burn that continues to the end. What strikes me first about this cigar is how mild it is. The dark oily wrapper is a ruse– this is an extremely mild smoke.

So mild, in fact, that is has little taste, and absolutely no aftertaste. On the other hand, it has a fantastic maduro aroma. What a curious cigar… What little taste I can detect is sweet, and slightly metallic. At one point I think it's almost like cotton candy, with a little licorice. All the while, the aroma is a rich and smoky coffee/cocoa combo I would expect from a good maduro. Fascinating: a super-light maduro.

The construction is very good: a uniformly even burn with a crumbly gray ash and a smooth easy draw. The cherry on this cigar forms a perfect pyramid shape with a sharp point. Everything about this stick is unusual.

The last few inches are a little bitter, but not unpleasantly so.

The Eureka, in this form at least, is too mild for my taste, but it's a well made cigar worth picking up just for an unusual experience. The rich maduro aroma coupled with its super mild body is totally bizarre. This is the "Silver" version, the mildest of their three blends. I might continue my experimentation with one of the bolder varieties if they can still be found.


12 thoughts on “Eureka Silver Toro

  1. Your review was very well written; thank you. I smoke cigars infrequently; to the tune of three or four a year. If I can find it, I may light up the one in this review for the fouth of July. I prefer a milder smoke. If I can look like I’m smoking a more intense cigar while all the while smoking a milder one, even better!

  2. This cigar sounds perfect for you. The Eureka Silver looks like it could knock out Mike Tyson, the aroma is rich as Rockefella, and yet it’s a featherbed of a smoke. Not bad tasting either. The band is a little ostentatious, but if you’re after looks, this cigar has em! Thanks for stopping by, randombroad.

  3. No, can’t say I’d ever heard of it. It was just a nice looking stick with a fancy band. I’m fascinated by puros, so I had to try one of Costa Rican origin. I believe it cost around 8 dollars, in a downtown Vegas shop that charges a little too much for everything.

  4. The only place I’ve seen these is at the Bad Habits cigar shop in downtown Las Vegas. (On 4th St. just off Fremont.) The last time I was there, a couple months ago, they had discounted all the Eureka lines. I’m not sure if they still have stock or not.

  5. My neighbor (from Costa Rica) just came back from a trip to her homeland and brought me back one of these upon a local recommendation. It was a maduro robusto and had the same band, except with gold trim instead of the silver. The first few puffs seemed kinda harsh but it quickly settled into a very nice, very smooth afternoon smoke. I thought I was detecting hints of sugarcane or vanilla, but I’m not real good at deciphering the flavors. It was a very enjoyable cigar and I would love to find some more if anyone out there knows of a local US distributor.

  6. I bought 6 of these puppies in San Diego a few years back and I was blown away. unfortunately when I went back to San Diego and the shop was closed down and I have not been able to locate any since then. Can someone please point me in the right direction.

    • After searching around a bit I think I’m about to conclude that Eureka is among the dearly departed. Cigar Cyclopedia dropped them from their active listings in 2007, which is not a good sign at all. There may still be a few kicking around in smaller shops though. Good luck with your search!

  7. This Eureka is sold at Excalibur smoke shop in San Diego, CA. They have all 3 versions and I’m currently smoking the platinum. It’s a more medium bodied smoke than the silver. The first silver I bought had such a tight draw that I returned it. Im not crazy about the Platinum but someone out there may enjoy them. -Long Ashes

  8. hola, it is 2018 and I am having one in a few minutes. it was a gift, but it means that Eureke keeps making cigars in Costa Rica.
    maybe they can be found again in USA too

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