Particulares Robusto


My original intention in trying more cigars from Tabacalera Tropical was to find a less expensive but comparable alternative to the Nicaraguan puros that I smoke on a regular basis.  The name Aganorsa kept popping up, and I thought that by following the trail of that grower’s tobacco I might find cigars of a similar style, possibly at a lesser price.

Since cigar makers like Pepin Garcia, Dion Giolito, and Ernesto Padilla have all at one time or another used Aganorsa leaf in their blends, I expected that Tropical’s blends would at least have a passing resemblance to smokes like DPG’s Cuban Classic, Illusione, etc.  Their JFR cigar certainly does.

I was a little disappointed to find that Lempira Fuerte and Condega didn’t live up to my expectations, though I still thought Condega was a very good blend. Particulares, on the other hand, is a great cigar, and it is the first in the series so far to really taste like it’s in the same category as the Big Nicaraguans I have been using as a benchmark.

Particulares is an old Cuban brand name (as well as a frontmark for the Cuban Hoyo de Monterrey “A” size) but the name was revived by Tropical as one of their first brands.  (Their very first brand was Solo Aromas, followed by Particulares, Cacique, and Maya.) And even though this appears to be the only formulation available it is listed with its royal appellation “Reserva Privada” in some online catalogs.

Not surprisingly, the Particulares (Reserva Privada) is a Nicaraguan puro. The wrapper is a Corojo leaf from 2006. Four sizes are currently in production:

  • Robusto – 5 x 50
  • Toro – 6 x 52
  • Torpedo – 6 1/4 x 52
  • Churchill – 7 x 48

Construction Notes

Particulares2I didn’t notice it immediately but it turns out these sticks have pig-tail caps. The tail is curled and pressed down into the head so it just looks like a small swirl. It can be easily prised up with a fingernail, though admittedly there isn’t much point. The rest of the head is wound perfectly into a fine triple cap. The wrapper is somewhat rough but consistent in color, a dark colorado maduro. The band features a lock-and-key motif that “locks” at the point where the band ends meet — a clever design, I think.

The draw is good and the  burn is slow and even. The ash flakes slightly, but not enough to matter. Overall excellent construction.Particulares3

Tasting Notes

The Particulares robusto starts up with a rich hickory-like aroma that is immediately recognizable. This is what I’ve been looking for. From the first puff this cigar tastes more like an Illusione or Padilla than the Lempira Fuerte or the Condega Corojo.  The flavor is a little charred, but not in the way that the Lempira was. The flavor is closer to grilled meat with some maple syrup-like sweetness.

The middle section continues in this vein but softens up a bit — it’s smooth with some fruity notes, almost brandy-like at times. It reminds me of the JFR cigar, but smoother and more refined.


The last third is spicier but still sweet. The finish lengthens, but it doesn’t settle in for the night like some cigars do after the mid-point. It stays clean and crisp and leaves in a reasonable amount of time, like a good guest.  The aftertaste gets a little tarry at the band, but by that time this cigar has said its piece.


The Particulares robusto is a tasty smoke that finally delivers on the flavor I was expecting from Tropical – Aganorsa.  The only hitch is that it isn’t much less expensive than Illusione or Padilla or others in that class. Prices range from 6 to 7 USD.  That’s not too much to ask for a cigar of this caliber, but I was hoping to tap a secret source of Nicaragua’s finest and save myself a bundle. But I really have no legitimate reason to be disappointed — it’s still a great smoke at a reasonable price.

Particulares5Final Score: 90

19 thoughts on “Particulares Robusto

  1. I just order a test flight/Sampler pack from they got a an introductory offer email of four stick each size. For $49.00 buck add on that with hand full of Cubao natural No.6


    Andy K.

  2. An update.

    Today I smoked the churchill of the line it was pretty damn good cigar with a three hour smoke time. A real winner.

    Yours Humbly,

    Andy K.

  3. Just add for anyone who read your review and want to give them a try. a samplers pack of eight two each of the four sizes. For $39 buck plud S&H and if your are a memeber of their cigar club like I am it’s $35 bucks
    Their COTMC for January was a six Pepin a Cubao No.6, Black Label 1979, Red Label 601, % Vegas Miami Robusto, their house blend torpedo and the sixth Serie JJ Maduro Selectos (saving that one for Jerry and JJ this year).
    So give them a try. Thinking about smoking either the Toro or Torpedo tomorrow with the robusto has a starter or kicker.

  4. I’ve been a huge fan of the Padilla 1932 for quite a while. In large part because of its unique taste. The Particulares is the first cigar that I’ve smoked that even slightly reminds me of the 1932. And that was before I knew they’re made in the same factory by the same people. Great smoke.

    • There is definitely something distinctive about Aganorsa leaf. Since you like this one, you’ll probably like Casa Fernandez as well (though it’s a bit more expensive.) The Particulares are a great deal right now though, so I’ll be sticking with these. Smoked a churchill the other day and loved it, though after 90 minutes I didn’t have enough time to finish it!

      • I glad you like it. It is kind of an all day/warm weather/weekend smoke. It is the higher end of time for churchills unless your smoking like a fiend.

  5. Theese are starting to show up around the net at serious discounts. Not as full as the Illusione or Casa Fenandez but fine flavors and very smokable. CI has a flight sampler available.

  6. I got the sampler I think some others have mentioned (8-pack, 2 in each size). They seem rather mild and slightly sweet, IMO. Also, the draw is very loose. That being said, I found myself trying to win another 5-pack on Cbid earler today. They are enjoyable.

  7. This is a follow-up to my above comment. Last night I tried a Particulares pyramid that had rested for about two months in my humidor. This cigar has taken on a caramel and roasted marshmallow flavor. Very unique! I found myself wishing, however, that there was a little pepper to bring some balance to the sweet flavors.

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